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As part of our “Cutting Edge Cool Technology” mantra, we have started doing new 360° walk through videos on our job sites! The new 360° videos show all angels of the job site, as our Estimator physically walks through the job while recording on a special camera. The camera has special  capabilities to capture footage on a 360° setting that is interactive to users who watch. Anyone who is viewing our 360° videos has the functionality  to click and drag around on the video to see all angles of the space for a full view. This is something new that we have started to do, in addition to the Virtual Tours that our Superintendents do on our current jobs each week.

We believe that a great build environment starts with complete transparency from beginning to completion. We strive to build a Customer Centric experience with a core focus of Delivering Construction Excellence by Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships (BSAR™). We go beyond the standard contractor experience, and we obsess about our customer experience. We put forth a heroic effort each day to create work environments that are safe and productive with a steadfast commitment to transparent communication. We call this concept BUILDING TOGETHER. We want your building experience to be as great as possible with us and we take every measure to make sure that happens.

Check out our new interactive 360° walk through video and try it out for yourself, by clicking and dragging on the video to see a full view!